Apply for an account by visiting the ‘registration’- page and following the instructions. After you have filled in the required fields, as a new customers you will get an SMS on your phone numbers right after your first logon to the system. The SMS will contain a validation code which you need to insert online upon your first login. As the inserted validation code passes the authentication, you as a new customers will become validated and will no more be required for any additional verification on next logins. You will see your login data on the screen. With this login data, you can visit the ‘Login’-page and enter customer area. Please remember to keep it save for next time you want to login. Then you click on the ‘Manage accounts’ link,and generate a username and a password for SIP registration in the ‘Add account’ link. Keep this save in a place (you would need it to to set up the mobile dialer later). You can download your invoices, CDR’s and make prepayments in the ‘customer self-care’ area. Before paying the customer can check the quality of service by making test calls (limited to $1 credit) to any destination.



Palmy Media Voip offers its services on prepaid basis only. You'll find several payment methods available in the 'customer self-care' such as PayPal, Wire Transfer, Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express), Moneybookers, Money Gram. However, we only accept Paypal at the moment. The minimum required prepayment is only USD 5 via PayPal and USD 50 via Credit Cards. * No monthly fee. No volume commitment required * Billing in 1/1 increments (per second billing), Mexico 60/60 and USA 6/6 * 24/7 online account management.




Go to Google play store or just click the mobile dialer link and install the "iTel Mobile Dialer Express, run and insert operator code 11993, then click ok.  In the settings area insert your SIP username & password generated. In mobile dialer, Username = SIP account ID, Password =SIP account password, Caller ID = SIP account ID. Don't worry about the Operational options. Now your mobile dialer is ready for call when it shows your Balance. Destination number should be put in the international format or start with 00 prefix.



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